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February 6, 2017

Questions You Should Always Ask Your Home Inspector

1. Where is the main water shut off?

This is good to know if you have a supply plumbing leak.

2.Where are the GFCI‘s and what are they?

GFCI’s (ground fault circuit interrupter) protect you from electric shock. They are found in kitchens, bathrooms and on the exterior of buildings.

3. What is the year of the hot water tank?

Water tanks typically last 8 to 12 years. There is a chance of failure or worse, a leak can occur with old tanks.

4. How old is the furnace and where are the filters?

Nobody likes it when you have no heat. Furnaces need regular-servicing. There can be a major health and safety issue if your furnace is not running properly.

5. Is the home equipped with a carbon monoxide detector and if it is where is it?

Every house that has an attached garage or has appliances that run on gas, propane, or wood must have a CO detector. This is a life and safety issue.

6. What is the biggest safety issue that the home inspector found?

Low handrails on stairs, dangerous electric wiring, rotting decks are some of the safety issues your home inspector should find.

7. What are the most expensive things to fix found at the inspection?

Needing a new roof or finding a large foundation crack are big problems which equal big money!

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